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Here at FuzeScents® we know just how crucial it is in times like this to do your part, so all of us want to reassure you that we are taking our part in precautionary procedures to stop and prevent this pandemic from spreading. Not only is it important for you to play your role in the community, but it is key you are informed about Covid-19 as well. Being knowledgeable on how the virus spreads is essential in maintaining the health and well being of our loved ones and avoiding putting them at high risk.

The X team has been thoroughly analyzing everything on the topic of Covid-19.  In an attempt to save you from the headache of a vast amount of articles, we formulated everything here into a short read to keep it sweet and concise. Turns out, the hidden gem in creating a safer environment could just be humidity...


It is no secret that Covid-19 is mainly transmitted through the entry points on your face, which is why it is stressed to constantly wash your hands and avoid contact with your face. Now, what is very stressful particularly with this coronavirus is that symptoms can go undeveloped for up to 14 days! Insanity! This means a person can genuinely walk about for 2 weeks contaminating surfaces people regularly come in contact with like grocery stores, work places, and gyms which is why the global pandemic spiraled out of control in the first place.

Nonetheless, if you've contracted the virus or is in close proximity with an infected individual it goes without saying you’ll need to do more than your normal cleaning for things such as clothing, phones, wallet, car keys, etc…. But how does one simply disinfect everything 


Under certain conditions depending on the surface, Covid-19 can live for up to several hours. Scientists discovered after adding the influenza virus to the air with a simulated cough, it was found that humidity levels above 40 percent rapidly killed virus particles, making them less likely to be infectious. Ted Myatt, ScD, stated "A review of past peer-reviewed studies conducted over the last 70 years also showed that homes kept at 40-60% relative humidity-the optimal range-are likely to have fewer flu viruses lingering in the air and on surfaces like sink faucets, door handles, and countertops compared to lower relative humidity levels.”

According to CDC, Condair, and Fox Business, welcoming a household humidifier into your airspace is a great way to relieve respiratory symptoms & keep you and your loved ones safe at a lower risk of contracting the virus which you might have introduced to your home after returning from a seemingly harmless trip. 

Keep washing your hands, practice social distancing, do anything you can to boost immunity (check our other blog here where you can see which essential oil you can use to give your immunity that strong push), and just run a humidifier or two in your home to ensure that anything that any bacteria or viruses that managed to make it in just ends up dying off in a few hours.